Handling Chips

Etiquettes for Handling Chips in Casinos – For Beginners

Casinos are always crowded with gamblers and party peeps. There the big bets made every day and both the casino and players get benefitted by it. Casinos use chips instead of real cash to ease betting as well as to keep track of the entire money exchange that goes inside the casinos. They also make the games more entertaining as the players forget that they are actually spending their hard-earned money market and do not feel that bad about betting. The pros also know some tricks to fidget with the chips while they are planning their moves. As a beginner, you should learn some chip etiquettes handle your chips with style.

Handling Chips

Handling Chips

The chips are equally valuable to the real money, and no one wants to keep filthy notes in their pockets. Same goes for the maintenance of the chips. Casinos offer fresh and clean chips to all their players. They also expect the players to take care of the chips and avoid spilling drinks and snacks on the chips. Also, avoid holding the chips with the same hands that you have been eating with. It will make the chips oily and disgusting to hold, at least for other players who win them from you. Try to keep the chips untouched as long as you can unless you are betting or playing with the chips.

Tricks with the chips

If you have seen poker videos, you must have noticed how the pros fidget with the chips. Playing tricks with the chips is pretty common, and the players use it to keep their body busy while their brain is thinking. You can learn how to shuffle the chips with one hand, and throw them perfectly at the targets. These manners will not help you get luckier but will surely make you look like you know what you are doing. Learning to shuffle the chips can take a lot of time which you can actually focus on developing strategies. But when you play at major tournaments, and all the other players are fidgeting around you, you might regret not learning some tricks for yourself.



If you are playing a game where you are free to make any bets, it is recommended that you have enough of the small denominations so that you can save more money when you do not feel confident of winning. This way, you can play more hands without getting distracted from your strategy and save the big bets for stronger hands. You can always exchange bigger chips for smaller denominations from the dealer, but it is suggested that you get them from the exchange counter before entering a game to not disturb the flow of the game.