What to Consider Before Buying Poker Chips

Poker is a game which attracts a lot of crowd around the world due to its simple yet strategic gameplay which can turn one into a millionaire. While some people play it to make money, others just like to have a fun time with family and friends. It is a fun party game which can involve 5-9 players at a table who bet poker chips based on how good of the cards they get. The one with the best combination of cards takes all the chips. Now, poker chips are very valuable when the game is played with real money. They hold the equal value of the money they get exchanges with. In no-money games, they have certain denominations on which the players make their bets.

Chips have their own charm and feel better while playing instead of betting real money. The professionals even do tricks with the chips while they wait to make the calls. If you want to buy poker chips for your own games, there are various factors for you to consider including what kind of games you will be using them for. Here is what you should consider before you pick poker chips.

Chip quantity

Poker is meant to be a long game where everyone gets fair opportunities to win. It will make no sense to have 200 chips for 9 players at the table as the games will not last long. The number of chips depends on how many people you are planning to play it with. If you are buying chips for a family of four, then 200 chips are enough for a good game. 5-6 players will need 400 chips, 7-8 players 600 chips, and so on. The better idea is to keep more chips rather having less.



Chips are ranked at different denominations based on their colours. The more colours of chips in a set, the more denominations you can play with. Traditional casino games have only 4 denominations which can be suitable for all kinds of bets – white is 1 unit, red is 5 units, green is 25 units, and black is 100 units. Getting more colours is not a problem, but getting the classic chips will let you play more traditional games.


Poker chips are made of different materials, and the prices for different quality chips differ too. There are three major kinds of chips which are commonly used for casinos and casual games.


Clay is most commonly used in casinos due to its texture and bright colours. They are made of clay and other composites which are pretty durable. Clay chips can be a little expensive but is perfect for serious poker games with friends.



Metal chips are not commonly available as the manufacturers only launch them as special editions. Something it can contain the coatings of gold, silver, and bronze, which can make them very expensive. Metal chips are more worthy for collections than being used in the games.


Plastic chips are the most basic and affordable sets of chips that you can buy for casual games. It is a good option for beginners and can be pretty durable for the long term.