Playing Online Poker Vs Live Poker: Which Is Better?

A rose by any other name is a rose, but not so much when it comes to the game of poker. When it comes to poker, many might believe that online poker and live poker at a casino are the same, but they are incorrect. Of course, certain things remain the same such as the basic structure, the rules of the game, the objective, and the basic strategy. What is different are some very key things that are fundamental to the experience of playing the game. Each has a set of advantages and differences that every poker player should know. In this article, we will talk about these key differences, and how to deal with them.

Reading Opponents (Betting Patterns)

If you have ever watched poker on television, then you have seen how important reading your opponents is to success. In movies, they often highlight huge bluffs, and they even cover this on TV coverage of tournaments. Many poker players claim that you can read players better live at a casino vs playing online. Online players often respond to this by countering this claim with as much as you can read other players’ life, they can also read you. Another set of online players claim that reading betting patterns, keeping track of tendencies, and truly understanding a player’s style is much easier online. For players who rely more on feel and body language, then playing live might give them a few advantages. For players who take a more scientific approach, online poker has a set of tools that makes keeping track of opponents playing habits, betting habits and even their card ranges a lot easier than you can in a live game at a casino.

Number of Hands per Hour (Speed of Play)

One clear advantage that online poker has over live poker at a casino is that you can play far more hands in less time online. During the poker boom, when Internet poker was first becoming popular many young players became so skilled at the game because of the number of hands that they could play online. It is possible to play several thousands of hands of poker in a short amount of time. One year of playing online poker is similar to play 5 years of poker at a casino. Watch most of your big poker tournaments on TV and you will see that most of the young professionals became pros in a short amount of time via playing online poker. Whereas live poker is very slow at a casino, sometimes only playing 10-30 hands per hour, waiting on cards to be collected and shuffled, the online game does this quickly and automatically. Multi-tabling Poker Games Another huge advantage of online poker is the ability to play more than one poker game at one time. This is called multi-tabling, and it is something that serious poker players do to earn more money in the same amount of time. The more hands a good player sees, the more likely they are going to earn more money vs simply playing at one online poker table. Most serious players can easily play at 4 tables at one time, some of the better players can handle 6-8 tables, and there has been a hand full of players who have played 20 plus SitnGo’s at the same time. We only suggest that for people who really know what they are doing!

Skill Level of Opponents

Depending on where you live, the buy-in, and the games that you play, either online or live poker can have weaker players. Most serious players suggest that until you get into the higher buy-in games live that most live players will be a hobbyist who does not know what they are doing. Online poker players are typically better, but you will run across many poor players who simply donate to the game with their poor play. One tip, the more popular and online poker room, the more likely you will run into players who aren’t that skilled. As a player who seeks to earn money, you should seek to play weaker players as much as possible.

Money-Making Potential

Which game can consistently produce the most money-making opportunity? The answer to this is a busy online poker room because of all the reasons we mentioned above. With online poker, the game is much faster, you play far more hands per hour (hundreds), you can face weak opponents and play hand after hand with them, you can play multiple tables at the same time to increase your win rate. For any decent player, online poker will always be a more profitable game, but this relies on finding the right opponents. Remember online players are better than the average casino hobbyist, but there is plenty of ‘fish’ as we call them to eat in the online poker world. Here’s a question, if weak players are called ‘fish,’ then what are really good online players called? The answer is sharks. Be the shark!

Availability of Games

This is a huge one and we have to put online poker ahead of live poker here. Online poker rooms are open 24/7, they have tons of games, you can play against people from all over the globe, at any time you can find a poker game going on. Live poker at a casino, leaves you at the mercy of who shows up, and which games they are willing to play. In many live casinos, you will be out of luck finding players to go against at many poker games. Variance (Short-Term Luck) Some say luck, the knowledgeable say variance. Variance is the fact that good players will lose in the short run, and bad players will win in the short-term. Good players will come out a winner long-term, and bad players will lose long-term. It is often variance that makes the game so much fun and keeps people coming back again. Why do good players lose the short-term? They lose short-term because although poker is a SKILL game, the luck of the draw is also a huge factor.

You can get several bad hands and bad beats in a row, and that will not reflect your skill, but the luck of the draw. Bad players can get a string of lucky breaks, even mathematically weak big breaks that reward their bad play. This is what variance is all about. The bigger question is does online poker or live casino poker has the advantage. Online poker has the advantage. Why? Online poker allows you to play more hands in less time and even allows you to play multiple tables at the same time. The more hands a good player plays, the sooner he or she gets to their real win rate, and away from the temporary whims of variance, and the bad beats it can deliver.
Which Is Better? Finally, which is better? Based on the criteria that we have gone over, online poker has far more advantages for serious players than live poker at a casino. Ultimately, most people play a bit of both. They might play at a casino while on vacation, or they might take a special trip just to play a few hands over the weekend. For people who want the best chance to consistently win, an online player has much more to offer.

Beginners Guide to Playing Poker Online

The Eight Best Tips For Beginners Looking To Play Poker Online

There are many content creators(myself included) who focus on the do’s and don’ts for playing poker online(which is great). However, you need a basic understanding of the game and what to expect, before you can begin your journey into the world of poker. Now, to be clear, some of the tips below are not meant for the advanced players. You might want to skip ahead to some more advanced tips if you find these to be a little too simple. Once again, these tips are designed for beginners.

1) The first thing you need to understand is the different poker hands, rankings, and even the basic rules that apply. Not every hand is going to bring you luck; and you need to learn that if you are going to survive your first round. The last thing you want is to begin wondering(in the middle of hand) if you are able to beat the House or a Royal Flush. These are things you should know before you reach the middle. That is why we suggest you learning the tables and different hands before jumping in. It will reduce the chances of you looking foolish and not knowing what to do.

2) Please begin with lower stakes. This is not a game where you want to jump in with both feet. That way, you will not feel as though you are risking a lot of money. Sometimes you do have to win some to lose some(and vise versa), but not during high stakes. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to proceed to high stakes, but not before you are ready. You should also avoid high stakes Poker games if that does not fit your personality or style.

3) There is no place for ego in this game. You might become the 5th best online player sitting at the table. Your ego will cause you to lose eventually. Stop trying to constantly go up against the top players in front of you. Keep your ego in check. The last thing you want is to start writing checks your bank account cannot cash.

4) You need to play tight and aggressive. Many beginners like to play wide and having too many hangs going(at one time). That is not going to help. It will only hurt your chances. The idea is to play less, and start playing hard when you have the right hand(tight and aggressive).

5) Start playing one table online and see what happens. You have to get your feet wet, but in the right way. Having too many tables at your disposal is a recipe for disaster. Use your position wisely. Watch how the other players are using their platform. Watch the types of hands they have during the showdown. That is how these players get to be the best of the best. They do not blow their chances of stupid mistakes. They also know when to leave a game, especially if the game is not in their favor. Watch and learn from some of the more experienced players online.

6) Online Poker is not a place for emotions. Emotions are the number one enemy of all Poker players. Emotions serve no purpose. In fact, they do the opposite. Play only when you are having a good day. That means if you wake up feeling cranky(and not in the mood) there is no way should go near a Poker game. You also start doing stupid things after a few drinks, or when tired. The idea is to prepare for the game before playing the game. That might sound like common knowledge, but many beginners still do that. There are some resources online to help you get into the right mindset. These books are for players who really need them. They help you with time management and mental preparedness.

7) One thing you should learn concerns the Poker odds. That way you know where you stand for each game you play. Knowing the Poker odds will help you to decide whether or not to keep playing. Some people keep playing when they should not. One reason for that is greed. Yes, beginners do suffer from greed at times. The other reason is that the person has failed to learn the odds. They figure they can just wing it and move on. There is no way you can “wing it” in Poker. Say, for example, you are playing Texas Hold’Em online. One way you can figure out your chances is by counting the “outs”. Multiply that number by 2. A Gun Shot(for instance)has 2 outs. A Flush Draw has 9 outs(and so on, and so on). There are some great resources online that can help you learn how to do that.

8) Please take your time. Online Poker is not a time to be frivolous and go fast. You do need to think through your moves. Some beginners get excited to the point where they go too fast. They learn the hard way by losing a lot of money. You need to watch what the other players are doing. The other players are not going to hand you any insider tips. They are not there for you. They are there for them. Learn the rules so you can play wisely. Take your time and have some fun with online Poker. Every time you play you get better. Learn as much as you can while you can.