Starting a Poker Chip Collection

For a lot of players and fans of the wonderful sport of poker, collecting their winning poker chips might appear to them like a normal kind of thing because they play poker. And the way it feels to hold that winning poker chip in any competition is an amazing feeling. Able to walk away with that winning chip you would casually just tossed into the centre of your table and playing your lucky chance that it will be the winning chip that is now a legend that implies much more on that individual level of winning.

The ones that you see play poker or any casino games nowadays you will probably find out that one or more of them do have a collection of their winning poker chips. Even those that don’t win you can bet that they probably least have one or two poker chips as well.

Having a poker chip collection has become a fun hobby for those individuals that enjoy and love to play poker or any other casino games. A collection of poker chips is very interesting and can be a rewarding collection to some as well.

If you are one that is very interesting in getting your collection started with poker chips then you need to know some basic details and facts about starting your collection of poker chips.


Most of the chips from the casino are the more money but those chips are not always the rarest poker chips or even the oldest sometimes. If you are looking to be a chip collector then you should look for the unique kind of poker chips and focus on the collecting pokers chips that are unique and are your kind of style.

You don’t want to pick a collection that someone else has done. So be creative and do a style all on your personality. Picking chips from the casino over time and years can be like finding a treasure sometimes.

You can also find collectors that collect chips because of the very unique and creative cool patterns and designs on them. Some poker chips with information like with names or even cool logos as well from the casino too.

Some collectors like to collect poker chips just because of the good condition and the fun in it so before you just start collecting chips decide on what kind of collector you will like to be.


The number one way to get chips is to buy them from your favourite casinos that you enjoy going too. There are a lot of casinos that will sell you their poker chips. You can get them from the cashier or even from the table you are playing on.

There are even many casinos that will store poker chips that they are not using on the floor.

It could because the casino got new ones and stores the old ones or the casino has too many for whatever reason. The casino is the most popular and the number one place you can get your poker chip collection started and normally you can get a good rate on the chips as well.

If you are someone who is looking for the rare chips then you will normally have to go to an auction that is the number one place that you could find the rare and unique kind of poker chips. There are websites that you might find someone also selling the unique poker chips and there are other collectors online that will buy or sell their collection as well.


When you are getting your collection, make sure that your poker chips are genuine that there are no fake ones. This is very important for your collection that you are purchasing the right poker chips for your collection. Otherwise, it will not be any value at all and you could just be wasting your money.

So check out some of the online guidelines to make sure that what poker chips you are purchasing is genuine. There are many websites and casino worldwide that can let you know if the chips that you are collecting are genuine and worth the price you are purchasing your chips for.

If not then you can be stuck with worthless poker chips collection and that is no good so make sure you are checking twice on all your poker chips and that you are getting the genuine poker chips for your collection.

You are trying to start your poker chip collection for a hobby or whatever the reason might be making sure that you study the details and know just what kind of poker chip collection you are going to start. These basic facts that there are many different kinds of casino chips and there are worldwide places that manufacture them.

With your understanding of what kind of poker chips you are wanting to collect, the value in each poker chip can be a fun creative hobby and rewarding as well, so have fun collecting your poker chips and you never know if the collection might be worth your wild.