Beginners Guide to Playing Poker Online

The Eight Best Tips For Beginners Looking To Play Poker Online

There are many content creators(myself included) who focus on the do’s and don’ts for playing poker online(which is great). However, you need a basic understanding of the game and what to expect, before you can begin your journey into the world of poker. Now, to be clear, some of the tips below are not meant for the advanced players. You might want to skip ahead to some more advanced tips if you find these to be a little too simple. Once again, these tips are designed for beginners.

1) The first thing you need to understand is the different poker hands, rankings, and even the basic rules that apply. Not every hand is going to bring you luck; and you need to learn that if you are going to survive your first round. The last thing you want is to begin wondering(in the middle of hand) if you are able to beat the House or a Royal Flush. These are things you should know before you reach the middle. That is why we suggest you learning the tables and different hands before jumping in. It will reduce the chances of you looking foolish and not knowing what to do.

2) Please begin with lower stakes. This is not a game where you want to jump in with both feet. That way, you will not feel as though you are risking a lot of money. Sometimes you do have to win some to lose some(and vise versa), but not during high stakes. Make sure you feel comfortable enough to proceed to high stakes, but not before you are ready. You should also avoid high stakes Poker games if that does not fit your personality or style.

3) There is no place for ego in this game. You might become the 5th best online player sitting at the table. Your ego will cause you to lose eventually. Stop trying to constantly go up against the top players in front of you. Keep your ego in check. The last thing you want is to start writing checks your bank account cannot cash.

4) You need to play tight and aggressive. Many beginners like to play wide and having too many hangs going(at one time). That is not going to help. It will only hurt your chances. The idea is to play less, and start playing hard when you have the right hand(tight and aggressive).

5) Start playing one table online and see what happens. You have to get your feet wet, but in the right way. Having too many tables at your disposal is a recipe for disaster. Use your position wisely. Watch how the other players are using their platform. Watch the types of hands they have during the showdown. That is how these players get to be the best of the best. They do not blow their chances of stupid mistakes. They also know when to leave a game, especially if the game is not in their favor. Watch and learn from some of the more experienced players online.

6) Online Poker is not a place for emotions. Emotions are the number one enemy of all Poker players. Emotions serve no purpose. In fact, they do the opposite. Play only when you are having a good day. That means if you wake up feeling cranky(and not in the mood) there is no way should go near a Poker game. You also start doing stupid things after a few drinks, or when tired. The idea is to prepare for the game before playing the game. That might sound like common knowledge, but many beginners still do that. There are some resources online to help you get into the right mindset. These books are for players who really need them. They help you with time management and mental preparedness.

7) One thing you should learn concerns the Poker odds. That way you know where you stand for each game you play. Knowing the Poker odds will help you to decide whether or not to keep playing. Some people keep playing when they should not. One reason for that is greed. Yes, beginners do suffer from greed at times. The other reason is that the person has failed to learn the odds. They figure they can just wing it and move on. There is no way you can “wing it” in Poker. Say, for example, you are playing Texas Hold’Em online. One way you can figure out your chances is by counting the “outs”. Multiply that number by 2. A Gun Shot(for instance)has 2 outs. A Flush Draw has 9 outs(and so on, and so on). There are some great resources online that can help you learn how to do that.

8) Please take your time. Online Poker is not a time to be frivolous and go fast. You do need to think through your moves. Some beginners get excited to the point where they go too fast. They learn the hard way by losing a lot of money. You need to watch what the other players are doing. The other players are not going to hand you any insider tips. They are not there for you. They are there for them. Learn the rules so you can play wisely. Take your time and have some fun with online Poker. Every time you play you get better. Learn as much as you can while you can.

Poker Chip Tricks to Try

The Four Top Poker Chip Tricks You Should Try(At Least Once In Your Lifetime)

Remember, that the key to playing a good poker game is confidence. You might not feel confident, but you need to assert the appearance that you are. That can be hard to do when you are new to the game(no matter what kind of poker game you play). I have a few poker chip tricks you can start learning now. Most of the tricks require good hand-eye coordination. You also have to practice a lot to be effective at what you do. These tricks also work well if you want to bluff your way through a bad hand. They also work if you want to show off what you have learned with your family and friends. However, I suggest you stick to the basics. You show off too much and that might harm your poker hand.

1) The Knuckle Roll

This is the move that you see a lot in movies. The move is perfected by people who want to show off their poker skills. To an outsider, the Knuckle Roll is going to appear complicated and hard. However, it is very simple to do. What you do is take a chip and roll it across your fingers(kind of like the name implies). I think I also Johnny Depp do this in the first Pirates movie. You pinch the chip between your thumb and forefinger. Then, you move the chip onto the next finger, and so on and so on. Poker players have said that it looks much easier than it sounds. You just have to keep practising until you get good at it. Would you like to see some experts showing you how in real-time? Click here and start watching.

2) Thumb Flip

This is the trick that most poker players start gushing over. It is sort along the same lines as the Chip Twirl, but it poker players say it is easier to grasp. You will need at least 3-4 chips to get this right. The first thing you want is to get the movements down. The movements are essential to getting it right. The next thing you do is work on your speed. Once again, it is like Chip Twirl, but a little easier. Speed is essential but you do need to take your time. Most poker players say that it takes several rounds of practice to get it down. You can always click on this video for more details. Some of you might have to watch the video more than once to see what the guy is doing. It depends on how fast you pick things up.

3) Shuffle

One difference between the Thumb Flip and the Shuffle is the ease at which you learn. Shuffle is very easy to learn. The one difference between this and the Knuckle Roll is there is no danger of chips falling. Yeah, that is one drawback to the Knuckle Roll. The chips are stacked right on the table. Now, the trick works easiest when you have an even number of chips. That is why using more is better. Click on this link to watch the video on how to do it. It is better to watch the video. I am not sure how I could properly explain what to do here. The name of the trick implies what you think it does, but watch the video.

4) The Chip Twirl

Now, we are going to talk about another popular poker chip trick. This trick involves a little bit more control over the chips, but you still need to practice. The main difference between this and the Knuckle Roll is the number of chips you use. The Knuckle Roll uses one chip, and this trick uses at least three. You can use more if you want to be bolder. We recommend that you stick with three and use that to practice. The one great thing about this trick is you do not have chips falling everywhere. That way you can master the mechanics of it. The only time you do have to worry about the chips falling is if the trick is too fast. The idea is to get fast and proficient at it, but not too fast. Mechanics are important to learning this trick. Keep that in mind. The rotation of the chips is done so absentmindedly that it makes it look casual (if done right). Other poker players will see you and think you are putting a lot of effort into the trick when you are not. That is the point. Watch this video get a better idea. You should get to the point where the trick becomes commonplace.

Starting a Poker Chip Collection

For a lot of players and fans of the wonderful sport of poker, collecting their winning poker chips might appear to them like a normal kind of thing because they play poker. And the way it feels to hold that winning poker chip in any competition is an amazing feeling. Able to walk away with that winning chip you would casually just tossed into the centre of your table and playing your lucky chance that it will be the winning chip that is now a legend that implies much more on that individual level of winning.

The ones that you see play poker or any casino games nowadays you will probably find out that one or more of them do have a collection of their winning poker chips. Even those that don’t win you can bet that they probably least have one or two poker chips as well.

Having a poker chip collection has become a fun hobby for those individuals that enjoy and love to play poker or any other casino games. A collection of poker chips is very interesting and can be a rewarding collection to some as well.

If you are one that is very interesting in getting your collection started with poker chips then you need to know some basic details and facts about starting your collection of poker chips.


Most of the chips from the casino are the more money but those chips are not always the rarest poker chips or even the oldest sometimes. If you are looking to be a chip collector then you should look for the unique kind of poker chips and focus on the collecting pokers chips that are unique and are your kind of style.

You don’t want to pick a collection that someone else has done. So be creative and do a style all on your personality. Picking chips from the casino over time and years can be like finding a treasure sometimes.

You can also find collectors that collect chips because of the very unique and creative cool patterns and designs on them. Some poker chips with information like with names or even cool logos as well from the casino too.

Some collectors like to collect poker chips just because of the good condition and the fun in it so before you just start collecting chips decide on what kind of collector you will like to be.


The number one way to get chips is to buy them from your favourite casinos that you enjoy going too. There are a lot of casinos that will sell you their poker chips. You can get them from the cashier or even from the table you are playing on.

There are even many casinos that will store poker chips that they are not using on the floor.

It could because the casino got new ones and stores the old ones or the casino has too many for whatever reason. The casino is the most popular and the number one place you can get your poker chip collection started and normally you can get a good rate on the chips as well.

If you are someone who is looking for the rare chips then you will normally have to go to an auction that is the number one place that you could find the rare and unique kind of poker chips. There are websites that you might find someone also selling the unique poker chips and there are other collectors online that will buy or sell their collection as well.


When you are getting your collection, make sure that your poker chips are genuine that there are no fake ones. This is very important for your collection that you are purchasing the right poker chips for your collection. Otherwise, it will not be any value at all and you could just be wasting your money.

So check out some of the online guidelines to make sure that what poker chips you are purchasing is genuine. There are many websites and casino worldwide that can let you know if the chips that you are collecting are genuine and worth the price you are purchasing your chips for.

If not then you can be stuck with worthless poker chips collection and that is no good so make sure you are checking twice on all your poker chips and that you are getting the genuine poker chips for your collection.

You are trying to start your poker chip collection for a hobby or whatever the reason might be making sure that you study the details and know just what kind of poker chip collection you are going to start. These basic facts that there are many different kinds of casino chips and there are worldwide places that manufacture them.

With your understanding of what kind of poker chips you are wanting to collect, the value in each poker chip can be a fun creative hobby and rewarding as well, so have fun collecting your poker chips and you never know if the collection might be worth your wild.

The Best Poker Set to Use at Home

Poker Sets

For those who serve in the military as well as civilians that enjoy playing games, poker sets are one of the most popular items for those looking to get the most out of their leisure time. When looking for a poker set, there are some things that you will want to consider. These include the price of the set, its contents, the materials and the overall quality. By focusing on these aspects you will be able to choose a set that will allow you to get the most out of playing poker regularly.

When it comes to poker sets, one of the options that stand out among the rest is the Fat Cat Clay Poker Set. This particular poker set has been rated as the best choice among experts. The Fat Cat Clay Poker Set includes many benefits that will allow the poker player to truly enjoy themselves regularly.

This set is ideal for both rookies and enthusiasts alike. With this set, poker players will be able to impress one another as it offers up to ten players and 500 chips. Along with these contents, you can also hold a tournament and use some gambling accessories as well. The classic design of the chips, as well as alternating dice and stripes, make the set both practical and attractive. Using this poker set gives players a casino like a feel whenever they are playing.

Dealer Buttons

One of the parts of the set that is included in the dealer buttons. These dealer buttons allow poker players to signal to one another who is dealing for the current game. The Fat Cat poker set offers some of the most modern dealer buttons in terms of both materials and design. All of the dealer buttons are made out of a Claytec material which is the most advanced in-game today. Along with the material, the designs of the dealer buttons are innovative and appealing as well. Therefore, using the dealer buttons on this poker set will allow civilians and military service members to use a dealer button that stands out.

Playing Card Sets

When it comes to a poker set, the playing cards are one of the most important things that you will need. Fortunately for those who are looking to get a top poker set, the Fat Cat poker set offers two playing card sets. Therefore, you can use a variety of options whenever you are looking to play poker games regularly. Since there are two sets, you can alternate between the two to add some variety whenever you play.

The card sets are just like all other card sets that are used when playing poker. You will get cards with different shapes, colours and logos. These playing card sets also include other cards such as King, Queen and Jack. Both card sets have all of these different cards that you can use to play with.

Since there are two sets available, you can have another one to play with in case one gets lost. As a result, you won’t have to worry about begin unable to play if you misplace one of the card sets. Compared to other poker sets, the Fat Cat set offers the same amount compared to other poker set packages.

Case Material

The case material of the Fat Cat poker set is made out of aluminium. With this particular material, the set will be protected from any type of abuse and will ensure that the poker set never gets damaged. Along with protecting the poker set, the case itself is made out of a very durable material that will ensure that it will last for a very long time. Along with being made out of high-quality material, the case is quite spacious so that you can store all of the contents of the poker set in an organized manner.

Chip Quality

With the Fat Cat poker set, the chips are made out of a solid material that makes them quite durable. The chips are made with the most modern designs which make them very appealing to poker players. By using the Fat Cat poker set, players will be sure to use a set that has some of the finest quality chips available on the market.

Security of Interior

Whenever you are looking to get a poker set, the security of the interior is an important thing to consider. For those looking to get the Fat Cat poker set, they will be able to use one that provides a very secure one. There are numerous compartments in the set that allow for safe and easy storage of chips, playing card sets and dealer buttons. With a secure poker set, you will not have to worry about losing important pieces as easily as some other sets.


When looking to buy a poker set, the price is one of the things that you will most likely consider. Fortunately for those looking to buy a poker set, the Fat Cat offers one at a very affordable price. Today, you can get the Fat Cat poker set for only $45. Compared to other sets this is quite affordable and can be purchased at any budget. The affordability of this set is yet another reason why the Fat Cat set is one of the best pokers sets that you can buy.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the Fat Cat poker set is among the very best. It has several characteristics that make it among the most practical sets to get. With this set, you will get a variety of things such as multiple playing card sets, five different sets of chips, designs that are among the most innovative and modern for a poker set and also a set that is offered at a very reasonable price. Therefore, the Fat Cat poker set is one set that you will want to get if you are looking for one that is of the highest quality available.


Like all other types of products, you will want to get the one that best meets your needs. When it comes to poker sets, the Fat Cat set will likely meet the needs of many poker enthusiasts and novices in the military. The set includes all of the accessories that you need to play a game of poker along with additional options. With the entire contents of the set, individuals will be able to have even more items that they need to get the most out of their poker playing experience. So if anyone is looking for a high-quality poker set to use regularly, they should consider getting the Fat Cat set.

Facts You Need to Know About Poker Chips

Poker Chips have been the body of the games of poker and no poker game till date has been played without chips inside casinos. It holds the value for people’s money and offers more fun and style in the games. But the poker chips haven’t always existed since the time poker is played. In fact, they were only introduced 200 years after the first poker game was played. Here we look down the history of poker chips to uncover some of the lesser-known facts.

The origin of the chips

The first chips were made in the 1880s with clay. There were different colours such as red, blue, yellow and white, and they were pretty delicate to be thrown away casually. From the 1880s to 1930s was the time when the poker chips were getting shaped and introduced in the casinos.


People used valuables for betting

Before and during the first introduction of poker chips, people were using direct cash, gold pieces, and other valuable objects like ivories. Some of the biggest stakes in poker have been farms according to past records. People decided the bets through equivalent things. Most of the bets were not accurately equal and were agreed upon according to the player’s will.

Modern casino chips contained cat litter.

After the 1950s the casino chips were redesigned, and new materials were experimented to be used for making the chips. Modern chips used clay and similar composites like chalk, sand, and even cat litter. This made the chips more durable and suitable for continuous casino gaming sessions.

Why casinos used chips?

Casinos wanted a standard system of betting where they could use their own markers to represent currency in order to eliminate any object betting. It also helped the casinos to prevent any counterfeit notes from being used in the casinos. The dealers could also determine the accurate amount of bets instantly without counting the notes in large quantity, which sped up the gameplays.

Modern chips use RFID technology

The chips casinos use today ave RFID chips installed inside them which can be scanned at the cashier’s counter to detect the chip type and custom colour combinations for odd money count. Some of the chips also have audible tagging, which is helpful in detecting invalid chips. It is way more difficult to fool casinos with fake chips than it was a few years ago.

Collectable chips are made of gold

Many times the manufacturers and casinos launch exclusive and limited chipsets made of metal. These chips are pretty expensive and are only used for collection. Some of the chips have gold, silver, and bronze coatings on them, which increases their value even more. If you want to get a hand on such collection, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s news column to keep track of their launches. You can also try searching on eBay and hope to find some collector finally selling one of their metal chipsets.


What to Consider Before Buying Poker Chips

Poker is a game which attracts a lot of crowd around the world due to its simple yet strategic gameplay which can turn one into a millionaire. While some people play it to make money, others just like to have a fun time with family and friends. It is a fun party game which can involve 5-9 players at a table who bet poker chips based on how good of the cards they get. The one with the best combination of cards takes all the chips. Now, poker chips are very valuable when the game is played with real money. They hold the equal value of the money they get exchanges with. In no-money games, they have certain denominations on which the players make their bets.

Chips have their own charm and feel better while playing instead of betting real money. The professionals even do tricks with the chips while they wait to make the calls. If you want to buy poker chips for your own games, there are various factors for you to consider including what kind of games you will be using them for. Here is what you should consider before you pick poker chips.

Chip quantity

Poker is meant to be a long game where everyone gets fair opportunities to win. It will make no sense to have 200 chips for 9 players at the table as the games will not last long. The number of chips depends on how many people you are planning to play it with. If you are buying chips for a family of four, then 200 chips are enough for a good game. 5-6 players will need 400 chips, 7-8 players 600 chips, and so on. The better idea is to keep more chips rather having less.



Chips are ranked at different denominations based on their colours. The more colours of chips in a set, the more denominations you can play with. Traditional casino games have only 4 denominations which can be suitable for all kinds of bets – white is 1 unit, red is 5 units, green is 25 units, and black is 100 units. Getting more colours is not a problem, but getting the classic chips will let you play more traditional games.


Poker chips are made of different materials, and the prices for different quality chips differ too. There are three major kinds of chips which are commonly used for casinos and casual games.


Clay is most commonly used in casinos due to its texture and bright colours. They are made of clay and other composites which are pretty durable. Clay chips can be a little expensive but is perfect for serious poker games with friends.



Metal chips are not commonly available as the manufacturers only launch them as special editions. Something it can contain the coatings of gold, silver, and bronze, which can make them very expensive. Metal chips are more worthy for collections than being used in the games.


Plastic chips are the most basic and affordable sets of chips that you can buy for casual games. It is a good option for beginners and can be pretty durable for the long term.


4 Types of Poker Chips for All Games

Poker chips are a crucial part of the casino games as they are the medium of bet making in all the table games. There are various varieties and designs of chips according to the casinos they belong to. Every casino has a different chip design and a few details which makes them unique and hard to counterfeit. Poker chips are also available at the game stores to be purchased for playing poker at home. There are mainly four types of poker chips that are used for poker games, depending on the game or the event.

Metal Chips

Metal chips are not usually used for tournaments and daily casino games. It is more suited for a collection set for poker lovers. These chips are made with quality metals and laser-cut designs for a unique look which will complement a great chip collection or games for special occasions with family and friends. Finding an authentic collection of metal chipset can take time and research as they are only made as limited editions by poker chip manufacturers. You will have to look out for the manufacturer’s websites or eBay if someone is selling it. Metal chips can be very expensive as some of the chipsets in the past have been made with real gold, silver, and bronze alloys.

Metal Chips

Ceramic Chips

Ceramic chips are made with clay and go through a complete finishing to have a smooth surface. The manufacturers make sure that the chips are made with better quality ceramic for longer life. They are hard to break and have quality engravings. Ceramic chips are made with injection moulding process, and the designs are printed over the chips for high definition detail. They are the best chips for handling and doing tricks. You can buy the chips from the original manufacturers’ websites. They can be a little expensive for casual gaming but a perfect option for luxury casinos and big-pot party games.

Composite Chips

Composite and clay chips are made with clay and feel similar to the ceramic chips in weight and designs. They can be a little rough on the feel, but the style is similar to the ceramic versions. Clay chips were used in the saloons and card rooms during the old times, but then a harder composite was introduced for much durable and brittle roof chipsets.  These chips can perform tricks better than plastic chips because of being heavier and having a better grip. It is a great option for a decent chipset for home games during parties.

Composite Chips


Plastic chips are the cheapest you can get. But some companies also make high quality plastic chips which can have several other functions. Casinos use plastic chips with inbuilt chips to prevent counterfeiting of their casino chips. These chips can be produced in bulk and can be a great choice for casinos to save money on buying chips. The ceramic and composite versions contain a risk of breaking even though they are pretty durable. The plastic chips, on the other hand, are unbreakable, which drops the worry of care.

4 Ways of Identifying Authentic Poker Casino Chips

The game of poker is a worldwide phenomenon, and anyone who has been introduced to the game finds themselves enjoying it at some point in their lives in future. The professional poker lovers like to buy expensive chips for their gaming traditions while some even go on to collect poker chips as a hobby. There are different types of chips available based on the material, quality, and price and some chips are only made as limited editions for the collectors. But one has to be careful in collecting or buying chips as many duplicate chip manufacturers trick the buyers with lookalike chips which are not authentic. Here is how you can identify the authenticity of poker chips.

Knowing the manufacturer

poker chips

Each casino chip manufacturer either has a casino game manufacturing company or are the casinos itself offering similar chips to that they use in the casinos. If a manufacturer only makes casino chips, then there is a high chance that the poker chips are invaluable. The casinos have their own marked chips which no one is allowed to take out of the casino. But they do have their own store from where you can buy authentic chips for playing at homes. They are of the same quality but do not have the mark of the casino. The independent casino games manufacturing companies can be linked to multiple casinos and can offer you more varieties on chips.

Notice the artwork

You will need some research before you buy a chipset. Each chipset has a unique design or pattern which is made with high accuracy. If you find an artwork which is highly integrated into the chips, then you are in luck. The chips can also be identified through the different colour combinations, which are called edge spots. To check out the authenticity of the chips, one needs to know about the edge spots of the real casino chips.

Following the poker websites


Casinos and manufacturers release limited edition poker chips from time to time for their die-hard poker fans. If you really need the assurance of the authenticity of expensive poker chips, the best way is to follow the news from the store of such manufacturers to get your hands on authentic chips. There are different material and designs released for poker players by the manufacturers. Sometimes they also release metal chips which are sprayed with gold silver and bronze coatings which can be a big addition to your collection.

Serial Number

Many times the manufacturers add a serial number on their chips or authentication. It is of either 5 or 6 digits. This number depicts the edition, product number, and identity of the chips. All the chips will have a special faded serial number. Sometimes, only one chip will have the serial number engraved. This can be a great way to recognize chips as authentic.



Etiquettes for Handling Chips in Casinos – For Beginners

Casinos are always crowded with gamblers and party peeps. There the big bets made every day and both the casino and players get benefitted by it. Casinos use chips instead of real cash to ease betting as well as to keep track of the entire money exchange that goes inside the casinos. They also make the games more entertaining as the players forget that they are actually spending their hard-earned money market and do not feel that bad about betting. The pros also know some tricks to fidget with the chips while they are planning their moves. As a beginner, you should learn some chip etiquettes handle your chips with style.

Handling Chips

Handling Chips

The chips are equally valuable to the real money, and no one wants to keep filthy notes in their pockets. Same goes for the maintenance of the chips. Casinos offer fresh and clean chips to all their players. They also expect the players to take care of the chips and avoid spilling drinks and snacks on the chips. Also, avoid holding the chips with the same hands that you have been eating with. It will make the chips oily and disgusting to hold, at least for other players who win them from you. Try to keep the chips untouched as long as you can unless you are betting or playing with the chips.

Tricks with the chips

If you have seen poker videos, you must have noticed how the pros fidget with the chips. Playing tricks with the chips is pretty common, and the players use it to keep their body busy while their brain is thinking. You can learn how to shuffle the chips with one hand, and throw them perfectly at the targets. These manners will not help you get luckier but will surely make you look like you know what you are doing. Learning to shuffle the chips can take a lot of time which you can actually focus on developing strategies. But when you play at major tournaments, and all the other players are fidgeting around you, you might regret not learning some tricks for yourself.



If you are playing a game where you are free to make any bets, it is recommended that you have enough of the small denominations so that you can save more money when you do not feel confident of winning. This way, you can play more hands without getting distracted from your strategy and save the big bets for stronger hands. You can always exchange bigger chips for smaller denominations from the dealer, but it is suggested that you get them from the exchange counter before entering a game to not disturb the flow of the game.

How to be a Chip Leader in Poker Tables

Poker games are the most fun games in the casinos which make players compete with each other until one player wins the entire pool of the table. Learning poker rules is only the beginning of playing poker. It takes years to master it and become a chip leader among the pros.

A chip leader is a player with the maximum chips at a table. This might seem like a huge success, but it is equally hard to maintain the spot of the chip leader as you become the biggest loot for other players at the table. The bigger the pot you have, the bigger the target you will be for other players. Becoming a chip leader is not a mapped process. It can happen slowly or in an instant with a big pot win. It is also equally unpredictable to lose your maximum chips to become the last player. You will need a strategy to make your way slowly to become a chip leader and hold that position until the game ends. Here are the strategies to become and remain a chip leader (please watch) at a poker table.

Make smart decisions

Since you are a chip leader, you will be provoked to play the games every time. The players around you will be hungry to steal from your pot. You cannot be reckless trying to punish them just because you have enough chips to bet. Remember that the game of poker is never over until it is actually over.

smart decisions

Avoid unnecessary risks

Having the freedom of playing aggressively does not mean that you can implement it in every hand. You need to learn to be aggressive according to the right situations. Preserve your chips to only use when you have a high possibility of winning.

Play one round at a time

When there are only 4 to 5 rounds left, and you are leading with a good number of chips, try to hold your excitement, win the entire table. Having lofty expectations can take down a big pot instantly. Always concentrate on one hand at a time instead of using a long term strategy.

Avoid tilt

Avoid tilt

Being the chip leader is not permanent, and you can get into a streak of loses which can bring down your chip count to average. Coming down from the spot of chip leader is normal, and you should be calm enough to rebuild your stack if you have a great fall. Deal swiftly with the bets that go against you and move on to the next round.

Adapt to opponent strategies

While you have your own strategy to play the games, make sure that you are keeping an eye on the strategies of your opponents as well. You should be able to adapt to the situations based on how your opponents are playing.