Top 7 Poker Chip Sets to Buy in 2020

If you are a fan of poker and want to have your own poker chip set for playing at your home with family and friends, here is a list of the best chipsets you can buy in 2020. All the chips are from authentic casino games and accessories manufacturers.

Bicycle Carousel

The Bicycle Carousel an affordable, high-quality chipset which will fit perfectly for casual gaming at home. It has compact storage and is convenient for get-togethers of more than 4-9 players. It comes with two decks of cards, and the chips are made of plastic that is not too good or too bad to handle.

Bicycle Carousel

Brybelly Ultimate Heavyweight

This chipset is made for larger tournaments for a special home held casino tournament. It can provide the larger player number and multiple games at once. This chipset contains 1000 chips which are neatly stored in boxed storage. The material quality for the chips is clay composite which is much better than plastic and also less durable.

Kovot 300

The Kovot chipset is a compact and strong chipset which comes with a neat suitcase for easy and stylish transportation. The case comes with a security key which protects your chips from getting lost. It also contains two decks of cards which makes it a perfect carry around chipset. The chips are made of still look good.

Griffco Personalised

If you love poker a little extra, then you will be impressed just by the looks of this chipset case. It offers a rich leather finish storage which can be customized with the owner’s name. You can also customize on the engravings of the case. It contains only 100 chips which make it more suitable for chip collection.

The Greenbacks

This chipset case by History Chips is made of the traditional metal box and has engravings of American currency so that new players can remember how much they are betting. It is a good learning chipset which comes with two playing card decks. It does not contain any 10s or 50s but still is a good fit for beginners.

The Greenbacks

Brybelly Wooden Carousel

This chipset by Brybelly has suited for family games as well as hangout games with friends. Its wooden container makes it look authentic and attractive. It offers five chip colours and two decks of cards but has an open container which is not very safe for bumpy rides.

Da Vinci Executive

A great choice for beginners to start learning poker in style. The chips feel high-quality to handle and also has the sound similar to clay composite versions which makes them also good for learning tricks. The chips are enough for 6 to 8 players to play comfortably. It also contains two decks of cards and a set of dice.