The Best Poker Set to Use at Home

Poker Sets

For those who serve in the military as well as civilians that enjoy playing games, poker sets are one of the most popular items for those looking to get the most out of their leisure time. When looking for a poker set, there are some things that you will want to consider. These include the price of the set, its contents, the materials and the overall quality. By focusing on these aspects you will be able to choose a set that will allow you to get the most out of playing poker regularly.

When it comes to poker sets, one of the options that stand out among the rest is the Fat Cat Clay Poker Set. This particular poker set has been rated as the best choice among experts. The Fat Cat Clay Poker Set includes many benefits that will allow the poker player to truly enjoy themselves regularly.

This set is ideal for both rookies and enthusiasts alike. With this set, poker players will be able to impress one another as it offers up to ten players and 500 chips. Along with these contents, you can also hold a tournament and use some gambling accessories as well. The classic design of the chips, as well as alternating dice and stripes, make the set both practical and attractive. Using this poker set gives players a casino like a feel whenever they are playing.

Dealer Buttons

One of the parts of the set that is included in the dealer buttons. These dealer buttons allow poker players to signal to one another who is dealing for the current game. The Fat Cat poker set offers some of the most modern dealer buttons in terms of both materials and design. All of the dealer buttons are made out of a Claytec material which is the most advanced in-game today. Along with the material, the designs of the dealer buttons are innovative and appealing as well. Therefore, using the dealer buttons on this poker set will allow civilians and military service members to use a dealer button that stands out.

Playing Card Sets

When it comes to a poker set, the playing cards are one of the most important things that you will need. Fortunately for those who are looking to get a top poker set, the Fat Cat poker set offers two playing card sets. Therefore, you can use a variety of options whenever you are looking to play poker games regularly. Since there are two sets, you can alternate between the two to add some variety whenever you play.

The card sets are just like all other card sets that are used when playing poker. You will get cards with different shapes, colours and logos. These playing card sets also include other cards such as King, Queen and Jack. Both card sets have all of these different cards that you can use to play with.

Since there are two sets available, you can have another one to play with in case one gets lost. As a result, you won’t have to worry about begin unable to play if you misplace one of the card sets. Compared to other poker sets, the Fat Cat set offers the same amount compared to other poker set packages.

Case Material

The case material of the Fat Cat poker set is made out of aluminium. With this particular material, the set will be protected from any type of abuse and will ensure that the poker set never gets damaged. Along with protecting the poker set, the case itself is made out of a very durable material that will ensure that it will last for a very long time. Along with being made out of high-quality material, the case is quite spacious so that you can store all of the contents of the poker set in an organized manner.

Chip Quality

With the Fat Cat poker set, the chips are made out of a solid material that makes them quite durable. The chips are made with the most modern designs which make them very appealing to poker players. By using the Fat Cat poker set, players will be sure to use a set that has some of the finest quality chips available on the market.

Security of Interior

Whenever you are looking to get a poker set, the security of the interior is an important thing to consider. For those looking to get the Fat Cat poker set, they will be able to use one that provides a very secure one. There are numerous compartments in the set that allow for safe and easy storage of chips, playing card sets and dealer buttons. With a secure poker set, you will not have to worry about losing important pieces as easily as some other sets.


When looking to buy a poker set, the price is one of the things that you will most likely consider. Fortunately for those looking to buy a poker set, the Fat Cat offers one at a very affordable price. Today, you can get the Fat Cat poker set for only $45. Compared to other sets this is quite affordable and can be purchased at any budget. The affordability of this set is yet another reason why the Fat Cat set is one of the best pokers sets that you can buy.

Overall Quality

The overall quality of the Fat Cat poker set is among the very best. It has several characteristics that make it among the most practical sets to get. With this set, you will get a variety of things such as multiple playing card sets, five different sets of chips, designs that are among the most innovative and modern for a poker set and also a set that is offered at a very reasonable price. Therefore, the Fat Cat poker set is one set that you will want to get if you are looking for one that is of the highest quality available.


Like all other types of products, you will want to get the one that best meets your needs. When it comes to poker sets, the Fat Cat set will likely meet the needs of many poker enthusiasts and novices in the military. The set includes all of the accessories that you need to play a game of poker along with additional options. With the entire contents of the set, individuals will be able to have even more items that they need to get the most out of their poker playing experience. So if anyone is looking for a high-quality poker set to use regularly, they should consider getting the Fat Cat set.

4 Types of Poker Chips for All Games

Poker chips are a crucial part of the casino games as they are the medium of bet making in all the table games. There are various varieties and designs of chips according to the casinos they belong to. Every casino has a different chip design and a few details which makes them unique and hard to counterfeit. Poker chips are also available at the game stores to be purchased for playing poker at home. There are mainly four types of poker chips that are used for poker games, depending on the game or the event.

Metal Chips

Metal chips are not usually used for tournaments and daily casino games. It is more suited for a collection set for poker lovers. These chips are made with quality metals and laser-cut designs for a unique look which will complement a great chip collection or games for special occasions with family and friends. Finding an authentic collection of metal chipset can take time and research as they are only made as limited editions by poker chip manufacturers. You will have to look out for the manufacturer’s websites or eBay if someone is selling it. Metal chips can be very expensive as some of the chipsets in the past have been made with real gold, silver, and bronze alloys.

Metal Chips

Ceramic Chips

Ceramic chips are made with clay and go through a complete finishing to have a smooth surface. The manufacturers make sure that the chips are made with better quality ceramic for longer life. They are hard to break and have quality engravings. Ceramic chips are made with injection moulding process, and the designs are printed over the chips for high definition detail. They are the best chips for handling and doing tricks. You can buy the chips from the original manufacturers’ websites. They can be a little expensive for casual gaming but a perfect option for luxury casinos and big-pot party games.

Composite Chips

Composite and clay chips are made with clay and feel similar to the ceramic chips in weight and designs. They can be a little rough on the feel, but the style is similar to the ceramic versions. Clay chips were used in the saloons and card rooms during the old times, but then a harder composite was introduced for much durable and brittle roof chipsets.  These chips can perform tricks better than plastic chips because of being heavier and having a better grip. It is a great option for a decent chipset for home games during parties.

Composite Chips


Plastic chips are the cheapest you can get. But some companies also make high quality plastic chips which can have several other functions. Casinos use plastic chips with inbuilt chips to prevent counterfeiting of their casino chips. These chips can be produced in bulk and can be a great choice for casinos to save money on buying chips. The ceramic and composite versions contain a risk of breaking even though they are pretty durable. The plastic chips, on the other hand, are unbreakable, which drops the worry of care.