Poker Chip Tricks to Try

The Four Top Poker Chip Tricks You Should Try(At Least Once In Your Lifetime)

Remember, that the key to playing a good poker game is confidence. You might not feel confident, but you need to assert the appearance that you are. That can be hard to do when you are new to the game(no matter what kind of poker game you play). I have a few poker chip tricks you can start learning now. Most of the tricks require good hand-eye coordination. You also have to practice a lot to be effective at what you do. These tricks also work well if you want to bluff your way through a bad hand. They also work if you want to show off what you have learned with your family and friends. However, I suggest you stick to the basics. You show off too much and that might harm your poker hand.

1) The Knuckle Roll

This is the move that you see a lot in movies. The move is perfected by people who want to show off their poker skills. To an outsider, the Knuckle Roll is going to appear complicated and hard. However, it is very simple to do. What you do is take a chip and roll it across your fingers(kind of like the name implies). I think I also Johnny Depp do this in the first Pirates movie. You pinch the chip between your thumb and forefinger. Then, you move the chip onto the next finger, and so on and so on. Poker players have said that it looks much easier than it sounds. You just have to keep practising until you get good at it. Would you like to see some experts showing you how in real-time? Click here and start watching.

2) Thumb Flip

This is the trick that most poker players start gushing over. It is sort along the same lines as the Chip Twirl, but it poker players say it is easier to grasp. You will need at least 3-4 chips to get this right. The first thing you want is to get the movements down. The movements are essential to getting it right. The next thing you do is work on your speed. Once again, it is like Chip Twirl, but a little easier. Speed is essential but you do need to take your time. Most poker players say that it takes several rounds of practice to get it down. You can always click on this video for more details. Some of you might have to watch the video more than once to see what the guy is doing. It depends on how fast you pick things up.

3) Shuffle

One difference between the Thumb Flip and the Shuffle is the ease at which you learn. Shuffle is very easy to learn. The one difference between this and the Knuckle Roll is there is no danger of chips falling. Yeah, that is one drawback to the Knuckle Roll. The chips are stacked right on the table. Now, the trick works easiest when you have an even number of chips. That is why using more is better. Click on this link to watch the video on how to do it. It is better to watch the video. I am not sure how I could properly explain what to do here. The name of the trick implies what you think it does, but watch the video.

4) The Chip Twirl

Now, we are going to talk about another popular poker chip trick. This trick involves a little bit more control over the chips, but you still need to practice. The main difference between this and the Knuckle Roll is the number of chips you use. The Knuckle Roll uses one chip, and this trick uses at least three. You can use more if you want to be bolder. We recommend that you stick with three and use that to practice. The one great thing about this trick is you do not have chips falling everywhere. That way you can master the mechanics of it. The only time you do have to worry about the chips falling is if the trick is too fast. The idea is to get fast and proficient at it, but not too fast. Mechanics are important to learning this trick. Keep that in mind. The rotation of the chips is done so absentmindedly that it makes it look casual (if done right). Other poker players will see you and think you are putting a lot of effort into the trick when you are not. That is the point. Watch this video get a better idea. You should get to the point where the trick becomes commonplace.