How to be a Chip Leader in Poker Tables

Poker games are the most fun games in the casinos which make players compete with each other until one player wins the entire pool of the table. Learning poker rules is only the beginning of playing poker. It takes years to master it and become a chip leader among the pros.

A chip leader is a player with the maximum chips at a table. This might seem like a huge success, but it is equally hard to maintain the spot of the chip leader as you become the biggest loot for other players at the table. The bigger the pot you have, the bigger the target you will be for other players. Becoming a chip leader is not a mapped process. It can happen slowly or in an instant with a big pot win. It is also equally unpredictable to lose your maximum chips to become the last player. You will need a strategy to make your way slowly to become a chip leader and hold that position until the game ends. Here are the strategies to become and remain a chip leader (please watch) at a poker table.

Make smart decisions

Since you are a chip leader, you will be provoked to play the games every time. The players around you will be hungry to steal from your pot. You cannot be reckless trying to punish them just because you have enough chips to bet. Remember that the game of poker is never over until it is actually over.

smart decisions

Avoid unnecessary risks

Having the freedom of playing aggressively does not mean that you can implement it in every hand. You need to learn to be aggressive according to the right situations. Preserve your chips to only use when you have a high possibility of winning.

Play one round at a time

When there are only 4 to 5 rounds left, and you are leading with a good number of chips, try to hold your excitement, win the entire table. Having lofty expectations can take down a big pot instantly. Always concentrate on one hand at a time instead of using a long term strategy.

Avoid tilt

Avoid tilt

Being the chip leader is not permanent, and you can get into a streak of loses which can bring down your chip count to average. Coming down from the spot of chip leader is normal, and you should be calm enough to rebuild your stack if you have a great fall. Deal swiftly with the bets that go against you and move on to the next round.

Adapt to opponent strategies

While you have your own strategy to play the games, make sure that you are keeping an eye on the strategies of your opponents as well. You should be able to adapt to the situations based on how your opponents are playing.