How Casinos Recognize Counterfeit Chips

Every casino has its own unique chips for games which are considered equivalent to the amount of currency used to buy them. These chips are highly unique and have various security measures to detect their authentication. If you have any plans of trying counterfeit chips in a casino, you will hardly have any luck as there are several measures to recognize the chips. Even a good dealer can tell between an authentic and a fake chip. Being caught with fake chips will invite a lot of questions and severe investigation, which can lead to big fines and up to 6 years of imprisonment on being guilty. Here are some of the properties of real casino chips which cannot be duplicated completely.


Casino chips are designed especially for an accurate weight. The usual casino chips were considered to weigh 11.5 grams. Many casinos try to keep their chip weights secretive about maintaining uniqueness but is usually between 8.5 grams and 10.6 grams.

Edge pattern

Edge pattern

Edge pattern or edge colour are also uniquely designed for every casino. Every casino has a unique engraving of their identity on their chips. The edge colour and design of chips differ in every casino. These markings distinguish the age of the chips as well as which casino they are from. No casino accepts chips from another casino. Some casinos do offer an exchange of chips if they are operated from a single operator. In any other case, the chips are flagged as counterfeit right away.


The colours of the chips are also unique and different for every casino. Even if two casinos use the same colour (for example green), they will be of different shades. The casinos also make sure that they remove any chips which fade away with time to make sure there is no counterfeiting activity going on using the same colour chips.

UV markings

Even if someone succeeds in fooling the casinos with all the above traits, there is one last unique trait about the chips which make them unique. It is the UV markings or the RFID markings. These markings are checked at the cash counters for authenticity, and any chips without the right markings will get rejected. If it is not your fault, then you will have to request the management, and they will try to help you in finding a solution.

In case you find fake chips and know that they are fake, the right thing to do is to return them to the management. Explain what happened and they respectfully accept the chips. Do not expect money for your honesty as the chips hold no value to the casinos, and they will probably throw them away. You may get a complimentary drink, but even that is not guaranteed.


Pros and Cons Of Different Types of Chips

Poker is one of the most popular games which is played around the world with special poker chips at casinos and homes with or without money. The poker chips are made of different quality materials depending upon various factors, such as price, material, and longevity. It depends on the purpose of the chips and how much one is willing to pay for the chips while deciding which type of chip to pick. There are generally four kinds of poker chips – Plastic, Ceramic, Composite, and Metal. Here is a list of the pros and cons of the chips to pick the one that fits your needs.


Plastic chips are used majorly for home as well as public casinos. They are made with quality plastic materials by the best casino game manufacturers. There are also much cheaper versions of casino chips available at any game store.

Pros – Plastic chips are super cheap and are a good choice for playing poker at home on a regular basis. They look at good as other chips if bought from an original manufacturer and have high durability.

Cons – They can look less like the professional chips and more like toys. They are only good for normal games and will not look at a professional level gaming tournament.

Composite clay

Composite clay

Made with clay and mixture of composites which adds more texture and weight to the chips making them more professional and nice to hold.

Pros – Quite affordable for a serious poker player. Have good durability due to concrete build quality. It can come with different designs and textures and offer a traditional casino feel to the players.

Cons – There are not many options available for designs and graphics. One can not find more custom options as they come in only traditional design patterns.


Ceramic chips are a more advanced version of clay chips which are made of ceramic mixtures. They are mostly used in luxury casinos for offering a rich feel of playing at the tables.

Pros – Smooth to handle, and offer more designs and personalisations. Professional players find ceramic chips best for doing tricks while they play at the tables.

Cons – Can be expensive for daily use chips. They are also made in a larger bulk which might not  be an appropriate choice for home games.



Metal chips are mostly meant for collections by the die-hard lovers of casino games. They are only made in limited editions and can be hard to purchase.

Pros – Pretty heavy and have metal engravings which offer a detailed texture feel. Metals like gold, silver, and bronze can be used for making metal chips, making them more valuable.

Cons – These chips can be very expensive and get sold out quick. One needs to keep track of the manufacturers for getting their hands on metal chips. They are not suitable for normal casino games as they look more like real money which is not the taste every professional player likes.


Top 7 Poker Chip Sets to Buy in 2020

If you are a fan of poker and want to have your own poker chip set for playing at your home with family and friends, here is a list of the best chipsets you can buy in 2020. All the chips are from authentic casino games and accessories manufacturers.

Bicycle Carousel

The Bicycle Carousel an affordable, high-quality chipset which will fit perfectly for casual gaming at home. It has compact storage and is convenient for get-togethers of more than 4-9 players. It comes with two decks of cards, and the chips are made of plastic that is not too good or too bad to handle.

Bicycle Carousel

Brybelly Ultimate Heavyweight

This chipset is made for larger tournaments for a special home held casino tournament. It can provide the larger player number and multiple games at once. This chipset contains 1000 chips which are neatly stored in boxed storage. The material quality for the chips is clay composite which is much better than plastic and also less durable.

Kovot 300

The Kovot chipset is a compact and strong chipset which comes with a neat suitcase for easy and stylish transportation. The case comes with a security key which protects your chips from getting lost. It also contains two decks of cards which makes it a perfect carry around chipset. The chips are made of still look good.

Griffco Personalised

If you love poker a little extra, then you will be impressed just by the looks of this chipset case. It offers a rich leather finish storage which can be customized with the owner’s name. You can also customize on the engravings of the case. It contains only 100 chips which make it more suitable for chip collection.

The Greenbacks

This chipset case by History Chips is made of the traditional metal box and has engravings of American currency so that new players can remember how much they are betting. It is a good learning chipset which comes with two playing card decks. It does not contain any 10s or 50s but still is a good fit for beginners.

The Greenbacks

Brybelly Wooden Carousel

This chipset by Brybelly has suited for family games as well as hangout games with friends. Its wooden container makes it look authentic and attractive. It offers five chip colours and two decks of cards but has an open container which is not very safe for bumpy rides.

Da Vinci Executive

A great choice for beginners to start learning poker in style. The chips feel high-quality to handle and also has the sound similar to clay composite versions which makes them also good for learning tricks. The chips are enough for 6 to 8 players to play comfortably. It also contains two decks of cards and a set of dice.



Why Casinos Use Chips for Currency

Most of the casino games that you watch on the television or the internet consist of playing chips. Casinos use their own unique chips that can be exchanged for money. These chips are used for placing bets and have become a fixture for casinos. The professional gamblers (Watch This Video)also enjoy using chips instead of real cash, as it makes the game more interesting and fun. The texture and quality of the material is also responsible for making the chips special. But what is the real importance of chips in casinos and why casinos invest big amounts of money for making quality chips? Here are some reasons why casinos use chips for the games.

Mental separation

Playing for money can make the players think twice before betting the valuable cash in front of them. The chips make the gambler think of them as different entities than cash. Although chips have the same value, it makes it less stressing and more fun to throw away colourful tags than cash. The idea of betting money becomes much easier when people do not look at it as their hard-earned cash.

Mental separation

Security issues

Casino owners take their security very seriously, and chips are a part of their security measures so that the customers and their guests do not face any loss due to counterfeit currencies as well as thefts. They can keep track of the suspicious individuals who try to steal chips. Anyone who wants to take out money from the casino will have to cash out the money in exchange for chips. People are also not allowed to take the chips out of the casino and make the chips invalid if they do so. In case of a big robbery which can cause loss to the casino, they can change the entire current chip production and start with new ones.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Chips also make the game much easier to play, and money becomes easy to count and handle. Having to take different bills can get stressing for the players. Carrying the bundles of cash around and counting the money every time while betting can be troublesome when you need to concentrate on the game. People play bets of millions in the games and having that much of cash on the table seems stupidity of management. Chips are a good alternative which makes the process of counting and betting much easier.

Collection of data

The chips used in casinos also have RFID tags which define the uniqueness of the chips for each casino. Many casinos have installed the RFID tags in the chips to quickly scan them for authenticity. The RFID tags help the casinos in many ways, including Growth Of dealer mistakes, chip movement, and counterfeiting. This can help in monitoring the profits easily as well as keep track of any frauds. In future, the casino chips can also have RFID chips which reveal their owner’s identity and their skill level.